June 18th 2019

Open Letter

I wanted to address a few things to not only the public or any potential readers, but to myself. I’ve been thinking about this stuff for quite some time and it all sort of built up tonight.

Firstly, my public Discord server has 400 members. That is more than I could ever ask for and I think it is incredible that this many people have somehow found my content. I won’t get too sappy here. I just want to share my thankfulness for everyone who has ever come to support me in one way or another.

Secondly, an apology. I’ve been slacking greatly. My Discord server is a mess, my website is a mess, and I’ve honestly done nothing but distanced myself from it all. I often set myself up to take on too much and then fail to deliver, given my track record. I’m moving forward with a mindset of not revealing much so I don’t set anybody (including myself) up for disappointment. That said, I am working on two things right now, the second of which depends on the first. I won’t reveal any details on what it is, how long it will take me, and when it’ll be out. But it’ll be out. It’s been a passion of mine for years and I think it has developed into something incredible. I will shine one day.

I refuse to come up with excuses as to why I distanced myself from everything. Work school etc. You’ve heard it from other people so I won’t regurgitate what’s obvious. All I will say is that moving forward I’m going to do my best to work on something great. What will come will be for everybody

Thank you all for supporting me.