July 3rd 2018

Social Media Presence

Social Media’s presence in the world is a topic that seems to piss a lot of people off because usually the people who talk about it do so so irrationally that it makes them look like one of “those” kinds of pretentious assholes who do nothing but complain about how we live in some sort of terrible society or something and that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Do you remember the internet about ten or fifteen years ago before sites like Twitter and Facebook were these insanely gargantuan media giants? I think the presence of social media in today’s world has not only influenced the individual mind to expect social media at all times but in general has caused the world to dumb itself down quite a bit and as a result I see nothing that benefits the world from social media.

I’ll admit I’m as bad as anybody else when it comes to Twitter and I basically stay glued to it even when I try to leave, so there’s no point in leaving. Everyone uses Twitter and I prefer to use it to stay in contact with people who are important in my life. But I mean… there’s other ways to do that. It’s not like I don’t have Discord or anything else that can keep me in touch with those people.

Social media influences so much in the world indirectly to the point where I think if we lost it altogether, not including chat clients, news outlet websites, and forums, I think we’d be better off. Race issues. Social issues. Antisemitism, anti LGBT, politics, straight up racism, it’s all visible on social media. It streams the individual’s thoughts onto a page online that can not only be tracked and logged, sometimes blocked from freedom of speech, creating an issue with privacy on pretty much every social media outlet, and in addition allowing you to look through everyone like some sort of catalog and pick and choose who you want to follow. It’s kind of disgusting when you look at it from that perspective. I specifically am talking about the idea of an open website that everyone can post on. I think naturally allowing every single person to connect on such a level creates nothing but problems. I think the world was better off before it all came along.