June 2nd 2018

May 31

On May 31, at 10 AM, while I was camping with my friends in Rhode Island, my grandfather passed away due to complications with his kidneys. He was suffering for over two months going in and out of the hospital, unable to stand for long periods of time. The hospital diagnosed him with a handful of different problems but it turns out it was his kidneys. They could have saved him, however the tests they could have run on him would have been too much for his body and would have killed him anyway.

It’s been a day for me since the news came out, and I’m still trying to find a way to cope with the situation. I know he’s in a much better place now. I am filled with many regrets and wishes that I had done more before he had passed but there’s nothing I can do except be there for my grandmother who is still with us.

I didn’t get a lot of chances to see him, but I’ll always remember him as the only biological grandfather I’ve had for a majority of my life, the one I could go to talk to about Linux and he’d totally understand. He was always on top of things technology wise and I’d always love to show him the cool new devices I’d get. He was always really proud of the things I accomplished and I loved him a lot, being one of my few family members.

Rest in peace, and I hope I’ll still make you proud from down here.