March 2nd 2019

Work In Progress, Part II

On a more positive note, I sent in an application for Harvard two days ago (just a few hours before the deadline). Unfortunately, by the time I submit the application, I didn’t come to the realization that I needed several other documents from my school sent to the college. Damn. Harvard’s a no-go for me. But there’s always still Stanford, and I’m pretty dedicated to getting into that, despite the fact that it will probably murder my bank account in cold blood.

Anyway, aside from all this nonsense, my computer is finally complete. I built it yesterday.

My computer, complete with USB Penguin RGB light because I live on the dark side where RGB lights inside my computer don’t exist.

This baby’s running a 3770k i7, and I clocked it up to 4.4 GHz. My graphics card came in, it’s a Sapphire RX 580 with 8GB of VRAM. I can finally play video games from a decade ago at pretty much maximum speed…

I had a bunch of issues getting the computer to work initially, and I think I enabled some bad setting in the BIOS so for a while my computer was refusing to POST and I had no idea why. Still a little bit skeptical of my computer being 100% fully functional, but we’ll see. I get pretty damn good temperatures. Idling with a Chrome window open and a Discord window, maybe Spotify runs between 30C and 40C. When running Prime95, the max temperature I saw it go up to was 90C, which is risky but that’s Prime95 being a big meanie. Realistically, I never see it go much past 75C-80C when doing hefty things. And I never stress out my computer, so I think my current overclock is working great.

In other news, we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow. 3-6 inches. I’m calling out of work because I’m pissed off at what happened today, and I’m totally using the snow as an excuse.

February 28th 2019

Work In Progress, Part I

My parts so far.
Case: Fractal Design Meshify C White.
650W PSU from EVGA.
Hyper 212 EVO from Cooler Master. Going to overclock.
I also already have the CPU and RAM I plan on using. (i7 3770k, 32GB DDR3.)
Yes, my drill is pink. Whachugondoboutit?
Case. The mesh design sold me.
This isn’t computer related, but cats and Coke were part of the process regardless.
February 21st 2019


I’m a huge sucker for ThinkPad laptops, undoubtedly. I use an X230 Tablet as my daily driver outside of the house. It’s a little 12.5 inch laptop with a screen that flips around and allows the computer to function with a tablet interface. It has a stylus, too. I love ThinkPad just because the computers are meant to be straightforward, no-bullshit machines which do what a laptop is meant to do without any hitches or many design flaws. Some people would argue once Lenovo took up the ThinkPad line from IBM, the design flaws started to increase. I personally disagree, but I understand where people are coming from when they say that, because man some of the IBM machines were easily the definition of “usability.”

My next ThinkPad, because the X230 isn’t going to last forever, will likely either be the X390 or the T490. The data sheets just leaked for them, check it out:

source: /u/digitoast

I’ll be honest. And someone will probably make fun of me here. But I haven’t used an Intel machine past Ivy Bridge. Yeah, it’s that bad. My desktop at home is still running an i7-3770k. It’s not a bad processor or machine, but it’s starting to show its age in some ways, especially when I try to run lots of modern software that’s very resource intensive. A good example of this is PS3 emulation with RPCS3 which I use for debugging. So having such an up to date processor really seems tempting to me. That being said, I’m not particularly looking for power. More so some stability and optimization. But hey, a 2GB nVidia chip in that T490 seems really appealing.

I’m more likely to go with a T490 over the T590, because the portability really matters to me. After using the X230 for so long though, I think having a really small laptop kinda sucks. It’s definitely usable, but I think the screen is just a bit too small. So to upgrade from a 12.5 inch to a 14 inch would be such a tiny but likely necessary upgrade. 15 inches is way too big for me, though. I have a T520 and I stopped using it entirely due to its size and how difficult it is to carry around campus. The X230 is so light and portable and I can throw it in my bag without a hitch. The T520 feels like I’m lugging around something way heavier than a laptop should be. I can put an X230 in a drawstring bag – I can’t do that with any 15 inch laptop. Plus, the X230 fits on desks in class way better.

I’m really excited about the upcoming ThinkPads and I think now might be a better time than ever to get into the newest line of machines.